Jim River HRC

“Hunting with a retriever requires teamwork, and joining the HRC is a decision that will help you develop and strengthen the partnership you have with your retriever. And that’s a decision you won’t regret.”
John Luttrell

Welcome to the Jim River Hunting Retriever Club.

 Based in Northeastern South Dakota, Jim River Hunting Retriever Club hosts of 40 members from Aberdeen to Clark to Watertown, SD.
     JRHRC is a group of fun retriever enthusiasts who train together to create the best hunting retriever they can.
     If you are interested in learning more about JRHRC or are interested in participating in Hunting Retriever events, then JRHRC is the place for you.

The only place to learn more info about JRHRC!

Our website contains information for those that wish to learn more about the Jim River Hunting Retriever Club and the HRC in general.  Also on our website under the Calendar tab you will find future dates not only for the Jim River Hunting Retriever Club but HRC test dates and information for surrounding clubs such as Dakota HRC, Land of Lakes HRC and Prairie Sky HRC.  For Yard Work dates please see the training tab for all information about where training is held and when. 

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Find us on Facebook, Jim River HRC, or on instagram @jimriverhrc for more info, updates and photos of what is happening with JRHRC and its members.